Who we are

The People at Pan are those whose years of expertise, commitment to changing society through the arts and willingness to go the extra mile, bring them together in this remarkable community of artists, management, trainees, supporters and advisors.


At the centre there is a team of people working from our central London office. From here a diverse body of artists who are the project directors for our main areas of work go out to run the workshops in a number of different venues.They are assisted by many support and trainee artist-facilitators who will become Pan’s leaders of the future and there are other artists across the country being prepared to take over our Expansion Projects.


Together this family of practitioners has a unique body of expertise in using the arts for social change. Many of them first came to Pan as volunteers, placements or participants and we are particularly proud of those who have come from one of our target groups, first as a peer mentor, then a peer facilitator, graduating to trainee facilitator and finally to full facilitator status.


Together with our trustees, our patrons, our development advisors and our friends Pan is extremely fortunate to have such talent and drive to maintain its inspiring, but challenging, work.