The Future group is an international arts group for unaccompanied minors, refugees and asylum seekers aged 14 - 18 years old.

The group get together every Monday afternoon from 5pm to 7.30pm in Croydon to rediscover their creativity, play and learn new skills through arts-based activities.


These sessions provide an opportunity for young people to make friends, to build confidence and have a sense of belonging in a welcoming, non-judgemental, safe group environment. We provide travel money if needed and a meal each session.

In past projects the young people have devised theatre shows, made films, created dance sequences, music and songs, build art exhibitions and have created interactive board games!


Listen to our "In my Future" song created by the Future Group 2017:

If you work for an organisation which supports refugees and you want more information about the project and how to refer participants to us, please get in touch with the project director:

Debora Minà: d.mina@pan-arts.net


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