Our Book

Theatre for Development Handbook 

Manisha Mehta, Mojisola Adebayo, John Martin

This is a step-by-step practical manual to help you achieve excellent theatre for development practice, wherever you are based on the experience of Vidya (the Vidya Educational & Charitable Trust, India) 

It takes you from the very first ideas and desires to use theatre for change, through all the practical steps of research, forming a company, training, devising and rehearsing different types of performances in new and challenging conditions. 

It gives practical advice on evaluation, follow-up, fundraising, publicity, advocacy, sustainability and much much more. It can be followed from beginning to end or dipped into for exercises, games and inspiration. Enjoy it, use it and good luck making effective Theatre for Development. 


All proceeds from the sales of this book go to the Vidya Educational & Charitable Trust, Ahmedabad, India to allow them to continue their invaluable Theatre for Development work.