Informed or Imprisoned? Keeping Young People Out of Prison

1st February 2016 Inside Pan Fundraising

Pan is breaking new ground in its funding for a project to get our film “Joint Enterprise – know the facts” into schools and seen by at least 1000 targeted students. We are appealing to all of you to give just a little through a Crowdfunder. Every £10 helps one more young person avoid imprisonment.

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Into The Jungle – where the need is most urgent

1st February 2016 Inside Pan Beyond Pan

Pan has been working with refugees and asylum seekers from across the world for over a decade. Our artists will be drawing on this experience to run a week’s residency in one of the most headlined and needy refugee camps – The Jungle.

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Pan's Christmas Art Auction

6th December 2015 Events Fundraising

This was a first for Pan. A donation of fine artworks enabled us to host a wonderful evening at Pushkin House in London’s Bloomsbury. We had never organised an auction and were uncertain about how to make it work, but unceasing work from Pan staff, thorough background preparation from John Wallace, the chair of our Development Committee and advice from our “star” guest auctioneer, Adrian Bidell, gave us a winning formula.

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18th September 2015 Beyond Pan

Over the last decade hundreds of young refugees and asylum seekers have joined our arts for change groups to find ways of dealing with trauma and to discover new futures far from their first homes. Pan continues to welcome refugees and urges governments and international bodies to deal with the current crisis at source, on the journeys and here on our threshold.

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A 13 year old change-maker – John introduces Lucas

14th September 2015 Beyond Pan

The Maechler family lives just outside Zurich and has been close to me for many years. They are a wonderful Anglo-Swiss mix, linguistically multi-faceted, and parents Philip (inventor) and Sonya (educationist) always discussing social issues (and much more) with their three children. At Aidan, their youngest child’s christening friends were asked to donate towards Pan’s international post conflict work in Sri Lanka and now their oldest son, Lucas has delivered a great piece of fundraising for us.

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World Theatre Day - Reflect

27th March 2015 Beyond Pan

Work in Danger! Many of us were wrong. We thought the world was slowly becoming more rational, more developed, more unified, more peaceful. Of course there were serious setbacks and exceptions but the route seemed to be headed in a positive direction. Yes, we thought, we will overcome the problems and the differences and yes, theatre was one of the tools we would use to empower people to grasp a better future.

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