A Calais Icon at the Southbank

11th August 2016 Inside Pan Events

A Gleaming White Dome appeared on London's Southbank last week, bringing a rich mix of events to introduce and explore how the arts are of huge importance in bringing humanity to the difficult and often depressing realities of the life of the growing numbers of migrant refugees who are fleeing the terrors of oppression. What was it doing there?

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NO to Racism

30th June 2016 Inside Pan Beyond Pan

Pan is shocked at the outbreak of racist and xenophobic acts following the EU Referendum result and commits to redoubling its work to counter such behaviour and to support those affected by it.

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The Jungle Dies – Long Live the Jungle

17th May 2016 Inside Pan Beyond Pan

Following Pan’ visits to the refugee camp in Calais to run drama workshops, we want to share some of the experiences of being an artist in the harsh and cruel squalor of the “Jungle”.

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Amies Choir will Continue to Sing

12th May 2016 Inside Pan Fundraising Partners

Thank you to Youth Music for a three year grant for our wonderful project which gives female survivors of trafficking a chance to sing together, create together and rebuild their lives together.

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Mark Armstrong's London Marathon success

3rd April 2016 Inside Pan Events Fundraising

All at Pan are hugely grateful for Mark Armstrong's athletic prowess and determination as he successfully completed the London Marathon raising £1,832.50 for Pan.

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Back from the Jungle - and Still There

15th February 2016 Inside Pan Beyond Pan

We have returned from a week in Calais' ad hoc refugee camp - The Jungle - a week which has affected us all deeply. We cannot communicate all the roller coaster emotions of being close to people in this traumatising situations, but we will share what we can....

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