Weapon of Choice wins Deutsche Bank Grant

4th December 2014

Inside Pan

We are delighted. 
Born to Be: The Deutsche Bank's youth engagement programme has awarded Weapon of Choice £5,000 to deliver a residency to 20 young people at risk of exclusion from mainstream education.


 Here's why Deutsche Bank is so passionate about young people realising their potential: 

'We're all born to BE something. But if AMBITION and PURPOSE aren'tCULTIVATED in the young, by the time they reach their 20s it can be too late... There are nearly 1 million 16-24 year olds in the UK not in employment, education or training today…we want to do something about this. Born to Be helps young people reach their full potential by developing employability skills, confidence and aspirations. We’re going to help this generation become who they were born to be.’


For more information about the Born to Be programme, please visit The Deutsche Bank website: Born to Be. You will find a full list of all the diverse organisations and projects the programme will support throughout the next year. 

The Born to Be grant will enable Weapon of Choice to work with 20 young people at risk of exclusion on a 10-week artistic residency that will increase confidence, self-esteem, resilience and aspiration. Our creative project will lead to a devised, interactive play written and performed by participants, on a subject matter close to their lives.


The London Community Foundation 

The London Community Foundation (LCF) works with individuals, companies, local and regional government, and existing trusts and foundations to help them achieve their philanthropic or social responsibility goals. On behalf of their fundholders, the LCF have given over £42 million in more than 8,000 charitable grants since 1995. 

The LCF is not a traditional grantmaking trust or foundation... The LCF is the meeting place for many different donors, private and public, with differing interests and areas of concerns. Their mission is to act as a catalyst for social change in London. 

Pan would like to thank The Deutsche Bank youth engagement programme and The London Community Foundation for their support. 

We look forward to updating you on the progress of the project.


What have people said about our Weapon of Choice project?

‘If I never did Pan, I don’t know what I’d be doing right now’ Participant

‘I work on the gangs unit everyday. I have seen other youth projects, this is by far the best…’ Camden Youth Engagement Team

‘I really liked the fact all of the members seemed to bring their own experiences and opinions to the games… I liked how the content of the workshop was brought gradually into the session as I felt as though the young people were able to warm to members of the group, which meant better engagement.’ Worker, Youth Offending Service

If you are a teacher, and would like to find out how you can host a residency, get in touch:

Mel m.anouf@pan-arts.net




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