Travel Stories for Travellers

31st January 2014

Inside Pan

Members of the Fortune (young adult refugee) group shared stories of Forced Journeys with travellers in the concourse of Kings Cross Station. Memorial day for holocausts and genocides

Stories drawn from their own experiences, stories they have heard, stories they imagined - The Fortune group prepared strong, moving stories to catch the attention of many hundreds of people passing through Kings Cross on the morning of January 27th.

In front of display boards about the Kindertransport, Kristallnacht, and the Concentration Camps, six young people spoke of war zones, of hunger-journeys, of fear-journeys which are happening now. These actions brought the problems of genocides and oppression to the forefront, but also spoke of the new lives they forge here, against the odds but with enormous determination.

These are now young Londoners. It is vital we remember the realities they have faced, and others still face. It is equally important that they are given every opportunity to grow, develop and contribute to their new home.

This was one such contribution.

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