Into The Jungle – where the need is most urgent

1st February 2016

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Into The Jungle – where the need is most urgent

Pan has been working with refugees and asylum seekers from across the world for over a decade. Our artists will be drawing on this experience to run a week’s residency in one of the most headlined and needy refugee camps – The Jungle.

Many of you will have heard of “The Jungle” and perhaps been surprised that this word is used for a community so close to the UK and in a highly cultured society. Of course it is the area where many thousands of migrants have congregated while they wait to find a way of claiming asylum in the UK.

Whatever your political views about migration it is undoubtedly a scandal that people from devastated areas of the world have to live in such primitive conditions, lacking even the most basic infrastructure.

And yet, in the midst of  slum like conditions, cold, hunger and the destructive bulldozers of the French authorities, there is A THEATRE!

Two amazing young British playwrights have constructed a geodesic dome called the Good Chance Theatre and there are daily activities from Yoga classes to visiting artists to music evenings from the camp’s many cultures.

Why a theatre? Because, of course, finding a roof and a bowl of food is not all humans need in times of trauma and distress. They need a place to imagine, dream, reflect and exercise that most human of qualities – creativity.

Pan will be there in February, leading workshops for women and children in the morning and for everyone  in the afternoons. These will be exciting, creative, fun, bonding sessions where the joy of theatre can help to heal the wounds of war, of terrifying journeys, of xenophobia and of Europe’s inability to treat all humans as equals.

We shall be telling you our stories when we are there.

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