Informed or Imprisoned? Keeping Young People Out of Prison

1st February 2016

Inside Pan
Informed or Imprisoned? Keeping Young People Out of Prison

Pan is breaking new ground in its funding for a project to get our film “Joint Enterprise – know the facts” into schools and seen by at least 1000 targeted students.
We are appealing to all of you to give just a little through a Crowdfunder. Every £10 helps one more young person avoid imprisonment.

All our research, and that of a parliamentary committee, shows that the vast majority of young people are not aware of the law of Joint Enterprise. Yet this law could see them imprisoned for murder if they were part of a group, one of whose members actually “dealt the blow”. It can apply even of they were not present at the time, but knew of the intention to do harm.

Our youth theatre group, Weapon of Choice, has dealt with this in plays but feels the need to reach many more young people. So a film has been made, by young people for young people, tracking the story of a young man who gets caught up in such a situation.

It is made to be presented in schools, Pupil Referral Units and other youth centres, introduced by a member of Weapon of Choice who will then workshop any issues arising.

The goal is that every young person who we reach will have all the information to make the right choices and avoid getting caught up in Joint Enterprise. The law can only be a deterrent if people know about it.

Crowdfunding is simple and everyone can take part. You can give a small amount or a large amount. For every £10 one more young person is made aware.  You can help keep young people out of prison.

Join us by pledging your donation on our crowd funding page: Informed or Imprisoned? 

Let’s do it as a crowd!

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