Poetry Time

17th April 2014

Inside Pan

Here is a beautiful poem written by our amazing volunteer Simona, who aside from helping us out at Pan, is currently undertaking an MA in Applied Theatre at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Behind a red door, a small organisation made of great people.

Hands from all over the world to create something special with less. Their names are their histories. Their memories in their eyes. 
Eyes opened on the future.

I met them in a cold evening, they were playing a ball game, joyful sounds.

Words spoken, their monologues out loud, telling stories of human beings, too young to carry only the weight of their souls on their shoulders. Forced Journeys is called the Project. 
They are the crack from where the light comes in.

Their are histories of life, of fear, of hope. 
I am the lucky witness of this great but small miracle: those guys and their creativity in changing their lives, and not only theirs

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