A 13 year old change-maker – John introduces Lucas

14th September 2015

Beyond Pan
A 13 year old change-maker – John introduces Lucas

The Maechler family lives just outside Zurich and has been close to me for many years.
They are a wonderful Anglo-Swiss mix, linguistically multi-faceted, and parents Philip (inventor) and Sonya (educationist) always discussing social issues (and much more) with their three children.

At Aidan, their youngest child’s christening friends were asked to donate towards Pan’s international post conflict work in Sri Lanka and now their oldest son, Lucas has delivered a great piece of fundraising for us.

Lucas is deeply caring, sensitive and funny (and can easily beat me at table tennis!) and the last thing I expected was to receive an email telling me he was organising a garage sale and that the proceeds would come to Pan.

This is brave, enterprising and reflecting a greater world awareness of charitable work than I would have expected in a thirteen year old.  His day on Zurich’s Bürkilplatz gained over £300 for Pan and I want to tell him here that we are so grateful.

Lucas, you are wonderful.

I wasn’t there but Lucas has written a blog entry about his experience and I think it is well worth a read. Please take a moment to share his experiences:


For me it is both humbling and hugely encouraging that young people can act like this. I am sure there are many more who would do the same given the right encouragement, so we can be sure there is hope

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