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8th May 2014

Beyond Pan

Hello – we wanted to share with you a newsletter written by one of our fantastic board members Jumoké Fashola, who recently wrote the following piece about the 200 + missing Nigerian school girls.

As we are an organisation who works closely with trafficked women this story has very much been at the forefront of our minds too - hence why we wanted to share this with you. 


“Hope this finds you well. Apologies in advance for the slightly political beginning of this newsletter. It's just that I cannot get the 200+ missing Nigerian school girls out of my mind. It's unbelievable that they still haven't been found. I cannot begin to imagine what they are going through, let alone their parents and loved ones. I do find it distressing that none of the girls have so far been named. To be named is to be known.


I am perplexed that it has taken the Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan, this long to respond. But I am heartened that the USA & some European countries including the UK have offered to help search for the missing girls. I really hope and pray they are found . . .


There is a petition here addressed to all world leaders, which declares solidarity with the kidnapped girls and calls upon the world not to forget them. As one person who signed it said "A Basketball team owner says something stupid, and you can't get it off the news. This happens to these girls and there is silence!" Let's keep up the pressure, so they don't become another footnote of history.”

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