Back from the Jungle - and Still There

15th February 2016

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Back from the Jungle - and Still There

We have returned from a week in Calais' ad hoc refugee camp - The Jungle - a week which has affected us all deeply.
We cannot communicate all the roller coaster emotions of being close to people in this traumatising situations, but we will share what we can....

Over the coming weeks and days we shall share personal, creative, social  and humanitarian reflections on the time we spent with some remarkable human beings in one of the world's most depressing environments.

We will speak of

the distress of living without hope
the personal tragedies of many we met who have children, partners, parents in the UK but who are not allowed to join them
the many young, unaccompanied migrants who have deep psychological damage and who have no help
the hundreds of brave and selfless volunteers who guarantee the survival of the migrants, most of them British
the heroic stance of Good Chance Theatre to provide a communal space for creativity and self expression, so necessary in the midst of trauma
our own feelings of use and uselessness in the face of huge international refusal to take responsibility

The Jungle should not exist but the answer (please listen French authorities) is not to bulldoze it, it is to meet the needs of the most needy and to allow these warm, generous people to have a future and to find a life beyond trauma.

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