New member of the Pan family

24th July 2014

Inside Pan

A warm welcome to our new office manager - Shamuna..

We are all very happy and excited to welcome Shamuna Rahman to the Pan family.

She has taken over from the lovely Sue, as the Pan Office Manager. In turn, Sue has now become head of development and fundraising taking over from where Laura Cowan left off.Laura, having left Pan, has become a member of our Development Committee.

Shamuna is a Bristolian with an undergraduate degree in Sociology and an MA in Postcolonial Culture and Global Policy from Goldsmiths University.

Here are a few words from Shamuna:

"I love being a part of this amazing organisation working with such dedicated and beautiful people who have all welcomed me with open arms, tea and cake!"

 Aw.. Thanks Shamuna.

 It's a pleasure to have her on board. Watch this space for a Q and A with Shamuna in the next few weeks..

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