National Poetry at Work Day

14th January 2014

Beyond Pan

A short poem written by one of our inspired members of staff. We think it speaks about what we do at Pan and more importantly, about what we hope to achieve...

Daydreaming of spaces where we wakeup again...

The parts of ourselves 

That were discarded to survive a disapproving world

Here, in a pocket of permission, friendship, welcome, acceptance and creativity 

We are reacquainted with the lost-bits, 

It doesn't happen overnight 

Once bitten, many times shy 

It's a process. 

Rediscovery is one thing, 

re-familiarising ourselves is another. 

Strange at first, 

comfortable over time 

then confident 

and finally fond to the extent, 

we reattach, 

taking the lost-bit back 

to transform the diaspproving world 

desperately in need of the very part of ourselves we really nearly almost forgot. 

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