Dining out with Fortune

2nd November 2018

Inside Pan
Dining out with Fortune

The Fortune group are creative young people, from all over the world, exploring the stories and histories which make London the wonderful and vibrant city it is today. Pan is pleased to announce that Fortune are embarking on an exciting new project this year, and the stories and histories they are exploring are all about eating out in London’s restaurants!


Supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund, the group will research the history and heritage of restaurants in London. Through interviews, heritage trips, creative workshops and discovering restaurant archives dating back to the 1840s, Fortune will unearth and bring to life, London’s rich heritage of dining out!

Did you know that approximately 4 million meals are served in London's restaurants every single day. How and why did society move from eating meals at home to dining out? How many restaurants are on your street, or in your local area? And how many cuisines are there on offer?  

As part of the project, Pan’s partners and friends at the Horniman Museum will teach Fortune how to document and archive all their findings and we will bring this research, and more, to audiences all around the city.

To join the project or refer a young person, check out our flyer and get in touch!

Are you a restaurant owner with a story to tell?

What inspired you to open a restaurant in London? What’s your most popular dish and who eats it? As Fortune researches, learns (and eats!) the rich heritage of restaurants in London, exploring all the cultures and world foods in our city, we need your help! If you have a restaurant story to tell, Fortune’s brilliant researchers want to hear from you! Email Mel at m.anouf@pan-arts.net to book a visit.



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