And our very special Radio 4 Appeal guest speaker will be......

23rd May 2014


The wonderful and talented Juliet Stevenson, who has kindly offered her time to present our Radio 4 Appeal on August 17th.

Aside from an illustrious career as a stage, screen and television actress, Juliet has been an avid supporter and campaigner for asylum and refugee issues, as well as presented informative films on the dangers of trafficking to young female eastern Europeans (the majority of our 'Amies' beneficiaries are from Eastern Europe or West / Southern Africa)

We are incredibly lucky and proud to have her on board helping to raise money for one of our projects, "Amies" which has the overarching aim of helping female victims of trafficking between 16 –25 rediscover their confidence and voice using performance art based group work in all its forms.

Here is a little video from the BBC series "Five Mintues With" which serves as nice introduction to Juliet.

Please listen in to our Radio 4 Appeal and help us expand our provision for Victims of Trafficking.

Save the date- August 17th for the live broadcast or visit the appeal page and hear the appeal for the week that follows

Get your friends involved too!

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