Amies Choir will Continue to Sing

12th May 2016

Inside Pan
Amies Choir will Continue to Sing

The Amies Choir grew out of our Amies London project which helps trafficked women re-imagine their lives and find entry points into education, training and employment. The choir has been wonderfully successful and its participants find great strength in singing and then performing their work to audiences large and small.  Over the last year they have performed at The Old Bailey, the Horniman Museum, Praxis Community Project and there are plans for them to bring their verve and energy to the Southbank Centre.

Wait till you hear them raise the roof with their own creation:     ‘Bendi Bamba - Hello Amies’


But it is much better to listen to what they say about being in the Amies Choir. Here are a few of their thoughts:


‘If I wasn’t here I would be in the house depressed. Singing makes me feel peaceful, brings healing to me. I love it. It’s like therapy’


‘We don’t just bond on the level of singing, we also bond on our experiences, we talk to each other – we support each other, we advise each other and it’s really been a place where we’ve grown not just as singers but as persons.” 


 ‘when we start, we can not even talk, some how when we would try to bring anything out of our mouth we start crying, but they really stood by us – they really stood by me, to the extent I even went to college with a colourful result.’

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