Amies London - alive & well

23rd January 2018

Inside Pan
Amies London - alive & well

Pan's artists have led groundbreaking work in using the arts to help women who have survived trafficking into the UK for the sex industry or for domestic slavery. The games, exercises and role play helps them re-imagine how they can move away from traumatising experiences into meaningful and fulfilling futures.

Women often come to our groups very soon after they have escaped but  soon they feel the positivity and energy of working towards a new future. After meeting weekly for a year the overwhelming majority are ready for entering education, training or employment and they are equipped with friendships, networks and tools for realising their ambitions. 

After many years of funding from Comic Relief we are delighted that our new funders realise the importance of Amies' work in this sector. We wish all the women good luck on their journey into their futures. We know they will have fun, they will widen their horizons and they will be strong.

Trafficking and modern slavery are a shame on our society. We all must work to stop it and to help those affected by it.


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