Look Back in Astonishment

3rd December 2018 Inside Pan Beyond Pan

Here it is. After several people asking where they could find out about our history - Take a Look at our newly released Timeline for the activities and the people who made and make Pan.

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Dining out with Fortune

2nd November 2018 Inside Pan

Pan is pleased to announce that Fortune are embarking on an exciting new project this year, and the stories and histories they are exploring are all about eating out in London’s restaurants!

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A Jump for Pan

29th August 2018 Inside Pan Events Fundraising

A group of brave Pan people is ready to jump....are you ready to support them?

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New Grant for WOC Residencies

20th June 2018 Inside Pan Fundraising

Pan’s Weapon of Choice School Residencies project awarded grant by Young Westminster Foundation to work with Beachcroft AP Academy on an 18-week project.

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Amies London - alive & well

23rd January 2018 Inside Pan Fundraising

Thanks to new funding from the Lloyds Bank Foundation and the Bromley Trust our arts with female survivors of trafficking project - Amies - today begins a new three year cycle. We now have more than 60 women per year in our Amies projects, building up their confidence, expression and imagination so they can forge new positive lives in the community.

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Meet Panlight, a Child of Expansion

1st December 2017 Inside Pan Partners

A new group has emerged from our Expansion project in Birmingham. It is called Panlight and it is fantastic!

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