Pan Intercultural Arts is a dynamic London-based arts company using intercultural performance work to help facilitate self-expression and promote deeper understanding of our changing cultural identities.

We work with a diverse range of communities across London and internationally : empowering people to use the arts as a tool for change in their lives. Our participants include:

  • Women who have survived trafficking into the UK
  • Victims of torture and trauma-affected young refugees
  • Unaccompanied minor asylum seekers
  • Young people living close to crime and violence
  • Those affected by natural disasters, conflict and social prejudice (overseas projects)


3rd December 2018

Look Back in Astonishment

Here it is. After several people asking where they could find out about our history - Take a Look at our newly released Timeline for the activities and the people who made and make Pan. READ MORE »

17th January 2019

Strictly Trial and Error 2019

We are thrilled to announce the new 2019 Trial and Error Production! Tickets to sell out soon! READ MORE »

2nd November 2018

Dining out with Fortune

Pan is pleased to announce that Fortune are embarking on an exciting new project this year, and the stories and histories they are exploring are all about eating out in London’s rest... READ MORE »

29th August 2018

A Jump for Pan

A group of brave Pan people is ready to jump....are you ready to support them? READ MORE »

20th June 2018

New Grant for WOC Residencies

Pan’s Weapon of Choice School Residencies project awarded grant by Young Westminster Foundation to work with Beachcroft AP Academy on an 18-week project. READ MORE »

23rd January 2018

Amies London - alive & well

Thanks to new funding from the Lloyds Bank Foundation and the Bromley Trust our arts with female survivors of trafficking project - Amies - today begins a new three year cycle. We no... READ MORE »

1st December 2017

Meet Panlight, a Child of Expansion

A new group has emerged from our Expansion project in Birmingham. It is called Panlight and it is fantastic! READ MORE »

9th October 2017

Welcome to our NEW WEBSITE!

So that we can tell you more about our work. So that you can better understand what we do. So that Pan's work becomes known and valued more widely...... Our new website goe... READ MORE »

17th July 2017

ExPANding and Bursting with Energy

We have just finished the first full year of our Expansion Programme, with all three projects rolled out in three cities across the UK. Over 60 young people from marginalised or cha... READ MORE »

11th March 2017

Fortune launches its website & zine

The Fortune group of young people from across the world is nearing the end of its Heritage Lottery Fund aided project on memories of childhood games from many countries. One result i... READ MORE »

6th January 2017

30 Years On

It is 2017 – Happy New Year And that means that Pan Intercultural Arts has completed thirty years as an organisation. This comes as quite a shock to me and some of my longer term ... READ MORE »

3rd December 2016

Special Charity Benefit Event - Barry Cryer and Colin Sell

Comedy legends Barry Cryer and Colin Sell sold out at King's Place Theatre on Wednesday in a wonderful evening, raising valuable funds for our work READ MORE »

12th September 2016

We Pedalled, We Pushed, We Got to Brighton!

For the second time a Pan team covered the 85 kms from London to Brighton, known for its killer hills, with a mixture of steely determination, huge enjoyment and the knowledge that w... READ MORE »

11th August 2016

A Calais Icon at the Southbank

A Gleaming White Dome appeared on London's Southbank last week, bringing a rich mix of events to introduce and explore how the arts are of huge importance in bringing humanity to the... READ MORE »

30th June 2016

NO to Racism

Pan is shocked at the outbreak of racist and xenophobic acts following the EU Referendum result and commits to redoubling its work to counter such behaviour and to support those affe... READ MORE »

17th May 2016

The Jungle Dies – Long Live the Jungle

Following Pan’ visits to the refugee camp in Calais to run drama workshops, we want to share some of the experiences of being an artist in the harsh and cruel squalor of the “Jungle”. READ MORE »

12th May 2016

Amies Choir will Continue to Sing

Thank you to Youth Music for a three year grant for our wonderful project which gives female survivors of trafficking a chance to sing together, create together and rebuild their liv... READ MORE »

3rd April 2016

Mark Armstrong's London Marathon success

All at Pan are hugely grateful for Mark Armstrong's athletic prowess and determination as he successfully completed the London Marathon raising £1,832.50 for Pan. READ MORE »

15th February 2016

Back from the Jungle - and Still There

We have returned from a week in Calais' ad hoc refugee camp - The Jungle - a week which has affected us all deeply. We cannot communicate all the roller coaster emotions of being cl... READ MORE »

1st February 2016

Informed or Imprisoned? Keeping Young People Out of Prison

Pan is breaking new ground in its funding for a project to get our film “Joint Enterprise – know the facts” into schools and seen by at least 1000 targeted students. We are appealin... READ MORE »

1st February 2016

Into The Jungle – where the need is most urgent

Pan has been working with refugees and asylum seekers from across the world for over a decade. Our artists will be drawing on this experience to run a week’s residency in one of the ... READ MORE »

6th December 2015

Pan's Christmas Art Auction

This was a first for Pan. A donation of fine artworks enabled us to host a wonderful evening at Pushkin House in London’s Bloomsbury. We had never organised an auction and were uncer... READ MORE »

18th September 2015


Over the last decade hundreds of young refugees and asylum seekers have joined our arts for change groups to find ways of dealing with trauma and to discover new futures far from the... READ MORE »

14th September 2015

A 13 year old change-maker – John introduces Lucas

The Maechler family lives just outside Zurich and has been close to me for many years. They are a wonderful Anglo-Swiss mix, linguistically multi-faceted, and parents Philip (invent... READ MORE »

27th March 2015

World Theatre Day - Reflect

Work in Danger! Many of us were wrong. We thought the world was slowly becoming more rational, more developed, more unified, more peaceful. Of course there were serious setbacks and... READ MORE »

16th February 2015

Juba Theatre - Big Dreams, Rocky Road

South Sudan is the world’s newest nation, still only four years old. It gained independence from Sudan after decades of war and, as an oil-rich country, seemed to have the elements i... READ MORE »

4th December 2014

Weapon of Choice wins Deutsche Bank Grant

We are delighted. Born to Be: The Deutsche Bank's youth engagement programme has awarded Weapon of Choice £5,000 to deliver a residency to 20 young people at risk of exclusion from... READ MORE »

13th October 2014

Film for Social Change?

AD BLOG Yangon Film makers in Burma/Myanmar use film to try to move beyond communal violence with a beautiful, healing story. Why did it cause such resentment? READ MORE »

26th September 2014

Education, Education, Education

A.D. BLOG MYANMAR In Myanmar (Burma) many minds are turned to the question of implementing a good and universal education system. The Forum Theatre company which Pan has worked wi... READ MORE »

11th September 2014

Reasons To Be Cheerful 123

A.D. BLOG – PAN AT WORK PAN IN THE WORLD (and respect to Ian Drury) There are so many things that make the work at Pan worthwhile and the obstacles bearable, but three came t... READ MORE »

3rd August 2014


Juliet Stevenson's wonderful appeal aired on BBC Radio 4 for our Trafficked Women's project - AMIES you can still hear it on you can still donat... READ MORE »

24th July 2014

New member of the Pan family

A warm welcome to our new office manager - Shamuna.. READ MORE »

24th July 2014

New member of the Pan family

A warm welcome to our new office manager - Shamuna.. READ MORE »

10th July 2014

Thank you Laura..

New challenges await for the superstar that is Laura READ MORE »

3rd June 2014

New Project launches - the Amies Choir

June 3rd launched Pan's latest project - a singing and song creation group for former Victims of Trafficking. Singing for change builds on the success of last year's Praxamies choir. READ MORE »

23rd May 2014

And our very special Radio 4 Appeal guest speaker will be......

The wonderful and talented Juliet Stevenson, who has kindly offered her time to present our Radio 4 Appeal on August 17th. READ MORE »

14th May 2014

Making Theatre for Development in Peshawar, Pakistan

It’s been nearly one year since Pan conducted the Training of Trainers in Bandaragama, Sri Lanka, for a mixed group of young leaders and NGO workers from Pakistan and Sri Lanka. READ MORE »

10th May 2014

95.8 Capital FM's Help a Capital Child awards Weapon of Choice 2 £1000!

Pan would like to extend a HUGE thank you to 95.8 Capital FM’s Help a Capital Child; they have awarded Pan £1000.00 towards our Weapon of Choice 2 project: Your Voice, Making Headway. READ MORE »

8th May 2014

News Archive #BringBackOurGirls

Hello – we wanted to share with you a newsletter written by one of our fantastic board members Jumoké Fashola, who recently wrote the following piece about the 200 + missing Nigerian... READ MORE »

24th April 2014

Exciting News: Pan chosen for BBC Radio 4 Appeal

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we have been selected by BBC Radio 4 to host an appeal on 17th August 2014. READ MORE »

17th April 2014

Poetry Time

Here is a beautiful poem written by our amazing volunteer Simona, who aside from helping us out at Pan, is currently undertaking an MA in Applied Theatre at Goldsmiths, University of... READ MORE »

10th April 2014

Weapon of Choice awarded £375 by London SOUP!

London Soup Meet. Persuade. Discuss. Eat. Vote READ MORE »

18th March 2014

WOC performance tour

Congratulations WOC! On Sunday 9th and Monday 10th March, Weapon of Choice performed their latest, interactive, Forum theatre performance at the Roundhouse Studio theatre. READ MORE »

26th February 2014

How many years a slave?

The film world is agog with the success of 12 Years A Slave, rightly so as it is rare for mainstream cinema really to examine the institutionalised barbarism of cruelty that “we” (th... READ MORE »

11th February 2014

A Big Thank You

Wow - what an incredible turn out we had to our historic event at the Old Bailey last week! READ MORE »

31st January 2014

Travel Stories for Travellers

Members of the Fortune (young adult refugee) group shared stories of Forced Journeys with travellers in the concourse of Kings Cross Station. Memorial day for holocausts and genocides READ MORE »

30th January 2014

The CAW Foundation awards Weapon of Choice £500!

We are delighted to announce that Weapon of Choice has been awarded £500.00 from The Caw Foundation. READ MORE »

21st January 2014

Weapon of Choice to perform at the Old Bailey

Exciting times lay ahead for Pan Intercultural Arts in 2014. As part of our plans to maximise our successful model of using the arts for social change, we are hosting an exciting an... READ MORE »

14th January 2014

National Poetry at Work Day

A short poem written by one of our inspired members of staff. We think it speaks about what we do at Pan and more importantly, about what we hope to achieve... READ MORE »

2nd January 2014

Weapon of Choice has been awarded the BBC Performing Arts Fund!

Weapon of Choice will provide a bespoke training for junior artists thanks to the support of the BBC Performing Arts Fund. Performances, tour dates and more soon to come! READ MORE »

19th December 2013

Unravelling Sri Lanka – Sri Lanka Unravelling? 2013

Talking to tigers and taxi drivers, soldiers and social workers READ MORE »

6th December 2013

A Hoop Too Far

Pan builds its projects from the ground up, developing projects that use arts for social change techniques to address the social needs of disadvantaged and vulnerable young people to... READ MORE »

12th November 2013

Thank you to all our friends and supporters

And so it begins. We recently had one of two awareness raising events which saw some wonderful friends of Pan come together at the Groucho Club in central London, for a night of cock... READ MORE »